Secrets for a Minimalist Home.

My minimalist journey started a couple of years ago, and thank you Universe for being before moving to our first real home. It all started with a throw pillow from our bed that never, and I mean never got back to the bed. It just was on the floor, collecting dust and the occasional clothe that made a living on top of the so called pillow.

I thought to myself why do I have the pillow? It was from the house real owner, my brother that was always tidier than I. But moving forward, it le me to meet the Messy Minimalist and after that the Minimalists and rethink about our life and our goals an aspirations.

So what are the secrets to a Minimalist House you ask!

First of you need to be polite with yourself I do sometimes have a messy house, especially bedroom (clothes is my Achilles heel) but i belive if i didn’t have found some of these rules our home would be crazy, i correct CRAZY.

Secret for a Minimalist Home: Donate and Recycle often

You should regularly and often revisit items that you have. Some lose the spark that made you love them in the first place others just are not needed anymore. Because of this you should donate and accept that things must go. Not feeling attached to things is great since this aids to keep our home clutter free.

Secret for a Minimalist Home: Do I need this?

This is the best question I’ve learnt to do since I learnt about minimalism. This is especially true for decoration. I need to ask myself and remind myself if this is has important has my time to keep it, clean it and if it will add that much value. yes i will look great on my wall, table but do I really need it?

Secret for a Minimalist Home: Avoid Uni-function items

This is especially true for kitchens! Avoid having items that serve only one function, like for instant I can have a special tool to slide pineapple (sure you have seen something like this somewhere), but if i don’t eat pineapple that often and if i do have a knife? Do I really need the pineapple slicer. This is only one example but for clothes is the same if you purchase one jacket that only matches with a pair of pants or that special dress don’t do it. Soon you will have a thon of stuff that only serve that particular use.

Secret for a Minimalist Home: Re-organize and have homes for everything

In your home you need to have homes for every items If i don’t have a linen cabinet or storage i assure you that towels and bedsheets will be drifting from surface to surface, this is true for everything in our home. if you don’t have a space to keep the things they will be always messy and drifting. Rethink because you might have to much or just not have the right storage. Is not good but if you appreciate books for instant and a giant pile looks over your nightstand because there is no shelf think… should i say goodbye to the books or just get a new shelf. This is a mental exercise that you must do with every item. Just Think about it.

For us this has been game changer for us, vaing these small rules in fact help us and give us more control over our home. We save time since there is not so much to clean and things are tidier!

Summary: Tricks for a Minimalist Home

  • Donate and recycle often;
  • Evaluate new items that come in, especially decoration;
  • Avoid items that have only one use (especially in the kitchen);
  • Re-organize often;
  • All items must have a home to stay and be kept in.

How about you? What are your tricks and tips for your home and what helps you with a more Minimalist Home?

Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a minimalist home - All Boheme Blog

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