Rules for a great groceries List

Groceries is a part of our grown-up life, and even if we choose online shopping for our groceries fact is that we need to have a list. Today I’m sharing the greatest tips for your groceries and to manage your list! This is how we do it and allows us to feed ourselves properly and without spending a crazy amount of money.

Grocery List: Don’t stock up, or do it right

We need to be very conscious when going shopping about quantities because this is the best way to lose track of our money. We should always keep at hand things that we use but be thoughtful about quantity. For instant if I know that we use about 3 cans of beans per month, purchasing 10 cans might no be reasonable since we will be stock up for 3 months and we go grocery shopping often. If it is on sale we might consider having this amount but not much more than this. Basically, when we stock up there are a couple of questions we must do:

  • How long will this last, considering our habits?
  • Will the shelflife of this product be a problem?
  • Do we have space to store it?
  • Can I get this at a later time, probably at a better price?

Grocery List: Prioritize your list

Like everything in life we have to have priorities regarding our list. For instant things that we have run out of are a priority for our next visit to the supermarket, the same is true for things on sales. For this the advice is simple, purchase only items that you need or that you use often. For us at home sales help us choose the supermarket we are heading to. We have 3 different supermarkets that we prefer, and we alternate, but for an instant if Aldi is with a better price in things that we had already on the list we decide to go to Aldi instead of one of the others. We are looking at the flyers and promotions to look for things we were already going to purchase but can do it at a better price. Not to add up to our list.

Grocery List: List it the right way

The best way to create a good grocery list is to note down things that we notice that finished or that are almost finishing. This means taking notes right away, even if you are preparing a meal, I recommend that you stop, go to your fridge and add that item to the list.

This makes it easier to avoid forgetting items especially those items that we don’t see or use every day but we need it.

Grocery List: Aid your memory with photographs!

One of the best tricks is to photograph your fridge or pantry before you go to the store. If you find or look at something that you think you might have forgotten this can help you check if you did run out of this item or not!

Grocery List: Mind set Meal Time!

One of the first error and something that I did a lot of was to purchase full meals. If I wanted to do some Mexican night I would buy the meat and the tacos and the sauce and chips… meanwhile a cabbage or courgette in the back of our fridge wither away… You should prioritize food and items that will combine with what you already have! So before going to the store make sure to think about how to use the things you already have.

Summary for: how to organize your Grocery list

Here’s is a small summary of the ideas and tricks for a better grocery list. Improving this skill will definitely aid your monthly budget and your home organization.

Rules for a Great groceries List - Be more productive shopping - All Boheme

  1. Don’t stock up in absurd quantities;
  2. Don’t purchase items that you might have;
  3. Photograph your fridge and pantry before going shopping;
  4. Prioritize items that will finish meals that we are missing one or two ingredients;
  5. Check Promotions on itens before heading to the store;
  6. Write down quantities

Hand at your home? What are the best tricks and tips for a great grocery shop list?

Secrets for a great grocery List - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a great grocery List - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a great grocery List - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a great grocery List - All Boheme Blog
Secrets for a great grocery List - All Boheme Blog

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